Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Art Show in my Hometown that's Striking Many Nerves

“Who gets to decide who sails the sea in a luxury suite, and who gets to toil below decks shoveling coal making the monster chug along…in a word, curators. These titans of good taste and the marketplace, sit themselves up above the actual creator and decide like modern day “Solomons” who gets to enter into the holy of holies and who’s relegated to anti-rooms, left to pace and question themselves and their worth. Well we say…. F*#CK CURATORS!”

As a designer and artist, I can totally understand the level of frustration. The curator is typical someone who can't draw a straight line, just as the buyer at the boutiques and department stores that we designers all lust after ie: H. Bendel's, Barney's, Scoop NYC, etc. have never created one garment and know very little about the process and yet they are ones who decide what's IN and what's ignored. So although I don't take the stance that ALL CURATORS suck, I do get it.
See you at the show!

Saturday · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Index Art Center & The Kedar Studio of Art
585 Broad St.
Newark, NJ

For more info:*K-Curators.html

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