Monday, March 9, 2015

Weight Loss Product Review: Zenwise Labs Advanced Green Tea Extract + Vitamin C

3 weeks ago I received a bottle of 120 gluten-free vegetarian capsules of Advanced Green Tea Extract + Vitamin C from the kind folks from Zenwise Labs. Hmmm, two of my fave nutrients in one tablet? Definitely down to be their guinea pig after reading the benefits:
  • Assists with weight loss by increasing fat burning & improving physical performance
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Lessens the risk of heart disease
  • Loaded with powerful antioxidants 
I love fitness, vitamins, clean eating, juicing---all that GOOD STUFF. And I weigh myself a few times a week just to know where I am, not for dieting but just to stay on point.
Therefore, I notice changes in body pretty easily. And what I noticed with this vitamin is that my energy level has really improved. But weight loss? Not really. I have lost 2lbs in 3 weeks and I can lose that just by skipping a meal or two in a week. On the flip side, I have been doing more toning lately and so I could be losing fat and gaining muscles (which weigh more) which may be what is keeping the scale steady.
Who knows? All I know is that I weigh the same now as I did 3 weeks ago, pretty much. 
But again, my energy has increased and the tablets are tasteless so it doesn't both me to take them in the morning with my daily multi-vitamins.

But hey, give them a try yourself and let me know your results!

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