Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Product review: Pretty Naturals Sheajoba Moisturizing Hair Food

When the owner/founder/CEO of Pretty Natural, LLC personally gifted me with a full-sized jar of this organic scalp moisturizer, I was beside myself with gratitude because I was sure the jar contained all the goodness of Mother Nature, blended into a scalp soothing concoction and I was sooooo right! I opened the jar and was greeted with one of my favorite scents-lemongrass. And this isn't the "scent" of lemongrass-it is the real thing: pure essential oil of lemongrass. The consistency of the concoction is that of hand-whipped butter. Silky smoothy and creamy. There is not one harmful ingredient in the entire jar! Pretty Natural is listed at Safecosmetics.org as one of the safest products in existence with a zero rating: the HIGHEST possible rating! The fact that it is primarily a black hair product and it is sold in Whole Foods, says it all.
Yet, unfortunately, with all the amazing things I could say about how well it works, the only thing you will notice when you peruse Whole Foods or the Pretty Naturals website, is how modest this brand is. The packaging totally underwhelms and the website is lightyears behind the bells and whistles you find on competing sites. Should this matter? No. Does any of these facts detract from its usefulness? No. But I can only dream of what a great publicist, graphic designer (for the labels) and website designer could do to give this fantastic brand the image it deserves. In a world of celebrity-driven product endorsements for crap that will surely make your scalp unhealthy or even possibly cause skin cancer, the good guy (Pretty Natural LLC) needs to keep up pace with a MUCH jazzier image to get the brand recognition it deserves.

Product desciption:
A unique blend of Organic plant oils, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential oils that work together to strengthen hair and add needed nutrients to promote thicker and healthier hair.
Ingredients: Shea Butter, Jojoba, Organic Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Essential Oils of Rosemary, Chamomile, Lavender, Sage and proprietary blend of essential oils for fragrance.

Price: $14.95
Buy it here:http://www.prettynatural-inc.com/Hair-Care-Products.html


  1. Thanks for the product review. At Pretty Natural, we put our money in the safety and wholeness of the product. As you mentioned, we are one of the safest hair products on the planet; with the highest safety rating on the cosmeticdatabase.com
    We put our money into top of the line high quality ingredients. It was either that or a celebrity. We figured you can get a celebrity endorsement anywhere, but products made with non-toxic, wholesome, plant-based ingredients, now that's a new healthy concept.

    Willette, Formulator for Pretty Natural

    1. What's up with your website? How can I make a purchase?

  2. I was in Whole Foods today & saw the beautiful array of Pretty Natural products. I went straight for the Sheajoba since you raved about how great it is, and I must concur - It smells YUMMY! Excited about Pretty Naturals and its Whole Foods gangsta! Love it!

  3. I concur, Willette. A celebrity-endorsement is only necessary when the product can not speak for itself and yours clear does.
    And Nic, yes indeed. Pretty Naturals in Whole Foods is totally gangsta!

  4. This product is no longer in stores. Where is the owner, and how do I purchase more of her products? She just went ghost!!!!