Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Day in the Life of DARU JONES: Drummer Extraordinaire

I am surrounded by tons of creative entreprenuers on the grind but my dear friend Daru Jones takes the cake. I've learned that if I want any face time with the homie, I better be prepared to hang with him at DD172, the art gallery/record studio of Damon Dash, or catch him at a gig. Time for "just kicking it" is rare. Thoroughly inspired by his international hustle that includes several spot date gigs often with big timers like Talib Kweli, Black Milk and Curren$y--a grind that keeps him ripping stages at home and abroad--I ask dude to share a typical day in his life with our readership. He's gone from playing in his church's band in Michigan to blessing international stages and being hailed as the next Questlove. He plays everything from rock, hip-hop, soul, classical, and inspirational joints. And this doesn't even mention his work as a producer! This is how the Brooklyn, NY resident gets it done. Be inspired to step YOUR grind up!


Waking up at 929am hearing my
super alarm go off. FLAMES!

9:35am About to say my everyday morning
prayers to help me get through the day

10am Quick glance at emails, facebook
and webpages to see what's new. Time to do indoor
25min workout routine to get the body flowing

1117am MY ADIDAS T-Shirt & more stash

1113am Picking out gear for today
from T-Shirt stash 1

1120am The GOLDEN iron.
Time to get the wears crispy!

1130am Ok it looks like it's going to
be a RockSmithTokyo gear day

1140am Breakfast time with my fave cereal, Kashi

1145am Time to get the hygiene

Noon: Time to make moves

and head to DD172
to meet everyone by 1pm

YESSS!! Finally in motion!

Almost there!

115pm Finally made it to DD172

Just walked into the Dash Gallery

Headed downstairs to Under100 to pick up Taye Drums

It's 135pm and Taye Drums Go-Kit
all packed also MonoCases
and ready to head to Souncheck by 2pm

But before leaving, had to stop by and
say peace to the homie Ski Beatz!

What a surprise and guess who is in town?
the Talented Ms. Terri Walker and
looks like she is showing Ski how to play the Sax.

Aight!! Made it to City Winery by
2pm for Soundcheck.

John Forte & Valerie + McKenzie Eddy
& Sean O'Connell backed by the Sensei's
(Brady,John & Myself) tonight at 8pm

Bumped into the talented
John Forte during soundcheck

Soundcheck is finally over and its about
430pm. Heading to my friend Sean's old apt.
to help him move somethings out. Check the Ghostbuster's firehouse behind me.

This pizza was worth the 17 bucks
but was able to get it on the house
being that i was performing tonight. YES!

(PAUSE. I have no idea what went on between LUNCH and DINNER but apparently it is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. ;0)

645pm dinner. I know I should change my eating habits
but today is not the day!

AIght Mealtime over 735pm
now time to head back to City Winery

Backstage with McKenzie Eddy & the Sensei's
About to hit the stage in 10 min

Showtime 805pm now time to get on those
Taye Drum and Go-Kit.

Show is over and Drum kit is broken down.

It's 1045 pm now backed at DD172 Under100
and looks like we have to re-setup gear
for after party Jam

Didn't even know the homies
TradeMark & Curren$y were here

It's almost Midnight and
the jam sessions is finally over

Back on the A train heading home

No Sleep till Brooklyn.

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  1. Wow that is a really long day 14 hours plus, real hustle.