Thursday, September 2, 2010

Everybody take a jump up now!

Its Carnival Time People!! Take a jump, start a wave, and start a win' ~ These lyrics from my favorite carnival song (other than Bonnie & Clyde) gets me in the carnival spirit every year!!!!

The West Indian Labor Day Parade is this weekend in Brooklyn. If you have never been, it is an event that you MUST attend!! It is thee street party of people from all Caribbean nations, bonded together in celebration of freedom, self-expression, peace & love for their countries.

Jouvert begins the midnight preceeding the parade. There is an elaborate competition of the of the parade floats. After the competition, the floats head to the street. At that point, the THOUSANDS of people waiting file behind the float of their choice for the jump up (parade march) until sunrise. Later that day the parade begins.

If you go to Jouvert, please dress VERY comfortably & be prepared to wave your flags, dance & get dirty - Mud, paint, baby powder - the whole nine! Don't worry your beautiful faces - it all washes off. What won't wash off will be amazing memories of your carnival experience - so much so, that you'll wish carnival was every day, like me! :)

So, are you going?? I'm now singing,"I dare you, I dare you!" ~ Destra

Check out this amazing slide show of the 2009 parade here.

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