Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sisal Bags from Kenya

I heart Sisal bags! They are beautiful & timeless. I especially love their construction story. Kenyan women, who are balancing busy lifestyles of work, marraige, children & household responsibilities, find the time in their daily schedules to be artistic - hand weaving these beautiful straw bags, which are staples of traditional Kenyan culture.

Sakaad offers a beautiful array of sisal bags. Their designs are seasonless - the straw base merged with the rugged tooled leather straps makes these bags work perfectly for all seasons. Check them out here. Also, check out this video of Sisal bags being produced in Thailand - Wow, that's alot of work! Watching the video makes me appreciate them that much more!


  1. Yes girl, aren't they yummy! The full flaps are my fav! Gorgeous design! Check out the Turkish briefcases on their site - Even yummier!! <3