Tuesday, October 26, 2010

House of Glam

I am just not a TV person. It just dulls my mind BUT when fashion insiders that I respect started buzzing about HOUSE OF GLAM, I figured I'd catch an episode On Demand while I worked. One episode lead to a marathon. I am hooked! I find the show to be completely revolutionary. When I graduated from high school and headed to college to become a fashion designer, my mom told me she would not waste a dime helping me pay for college because there were no blacks in the fashion industry. Boy, have times changed...and luckily I had the foresight to ignore mommy-dearest and follow my dreams (but I digress).
These are beautiful black women running their own businesses, collaborating with others seamlessly and juggling motherhood while looking as fly as their clients. In a world where black women are portrayed as overweight, neck-rolling, money hungry, lazy, ebonic-speaking, can't-find-a-man, always-catfighting jokes of the media; this show makes me proud.
So, watch it for the haute fashion trends. Watch it to peep interactions with your favorite celebrities. Watch it to learn styling trade secrets. Watch it for the peronalities:Crystal brings the drama but with love. Brandi is cool as a fan. Atiba is THAT DUDE. The rest of the cast is equally dope.
Just watch it! And tell a friend.

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