Saturday, December 11, 2010

2011 BUCKET LIST of Meca McKinney

I don't do New Years resolutions. Instead I map my life out, loosely. But for 2011, I'm employing the BUCKET LIST mentality. What things would I want to do if I only had 12 months to live? List them and do them. Fullproof way to maintaining a happy life and defining my own definition of success.

In no order, here is Meca McKinney's BUCKET LIST 2011
Graduate college
Get accepted in grad school in NYC, London, Paris
Visit Japan
Find a vacation residence
Sell my house
Move near or to a major fashion capital
Get a Vespa
Become heavily involved in fundraising for The Girl Effect
Teach design to children again
Learn Japanese
Publish the first book in my series of design books
Show my line during New York Fashion Week
Publish Jordan's children's book
Break into the Japanese market with Jypsea
Make more time for dinner parties and lunch dates with my friends, less time for "social networking"


  1. hey...what's wrong with social networking? *shy smile*

  2. Hi Makia! Nothing at all but because I hibernate all winter ;) plus I work from home and in school full time online, I can literally go days with almost no other human contact! LOL I stay in contact all day via social networking but I do look forward to more REAL human contact.