Thursday, April 7, 2011

My book, "ENVISION: The Young Accessory Designer's Guide to Collection Development" is Now Available!



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Jypsea CEO Releases a How-To Guide For Emerging Designers

WILLINGBORO, NJ—APRIL 08, 2011—Meca McKinney, the design maven behind Jypsea ~ Eclectic Handcrafted Leather goods (, announced today the launch of her first book entitled ENVISION: The Young Accessories Designer’s Guide to Collection Development. Detailing the creation process, ENVISION will begin selling on the Jypsea website at

"I wrote the book because I am constantly asked ‘how do I start a fashion company?’” said Meca McKinney. “I simply want to share the process of designing a great collection and presenting it. Everything else needed to start the business like finances, manufacturer, tools and materials will vary from designer to designer but an awesome presentation is more than enough to get the ball rolling and consumers interested in a new brand. It's a blessing to be able to share my knowledge and help others along the process."

Over the years, Meca has created some of the most diverse collections of handcrafted leather pieces including handbags, yoga bags, fingerless gloves and more. She constantly gets questioned by young designers about her design and development process. ENVISION, is a collection of some of the most frequently asked questions she has received.

Each chapter begins with a phase or question McKinney has encountered and goes into a detailed explanation that clearly spells out the process. Along with sharing gems of wisdom about the collection development process, Meca includes a project that explores what the chapter has taught. As readers complete the project they move along the steps of building their own collection. By the conclusion of the book, the reader will have a signature body of work: a presentation of their own collection of accessories.

A portion of the proceeds from ENVISION: The Young Accessory Designer's Guide to Collection Development will benefit The Girl Effect fund. To learn more about The Girl Effect visit

McKinney will be touring the Northeast to promote ENVISION beginning mid-month in New Jersey with a presentation at Westside High School on April 11th. To see the whole tour schedule, visit

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A graduate of the famed Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Meca McKinney is a veteran of the fashion industry. Her soulful designs are influenced greatly by the beauty and wonders of nature. Meca has three core beliefs that inspire her to create the unique pieces that have become synonymous with Jypsea:

~A person’s belongings should be meaningful, cherished and withstand the test of time.

~Accessories should reflect your personal style and not simply follow the trend of the moment.

~The manufacturing of our possessions should be done in an environmentally-conscious manner.

For more about Meca McKinney and Jypsea, visit



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