Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crafts & Cocktails

As I plan a summer of Crafts & Cocktails at some of my favorite local venues, this article stands out as inspiration. Deets about where and when I will be hosting my own "Crafts & Cocktails with Meca McKinney" events where we shall create our own tie-dye tunic, funkify our shoes, and soooo much more over cocktails & delish treats will soon follow but if you are feeling extra fabulous crafty, call your girls over and host your own.

Read the full article at here.


  1. Me and one of my girls have been trying to do a crafternoon for months now! Our schedules have just been so crazy but I so plan on doing tons of crafts this summer. I've got my list compiled and everything. :D

  2. Do it Milan! Even if you have to be go as the instructor and invite your non-crafty friends over to learn a new skill. Great prelude to teaching arts & crafts!