Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've Succumb to the TREND: Cut-off Denim Shorts

I don't do trends. I know what works for me and my body and I wear it. And I pile on the appropriate accessories and I HAPPY with my own sense of style. As a designer, I must stay aware of trends and I occasionally add a thing or two to my personal style lexicon but trendy, I am not.
So because I have completely shunned cut-off jeans as a trend that should not be incorporated into my life, I am quite surprised at myself for the change of heart. I've simply thought of them as tacky and an afterthough, something done to jeans that are no longer desired in their full length glory. But after seeing them worn in a way that doesn't make me hum "Look at that girl with the Daisy Dukes On", a 1990s anthem for the 'round the way girls that wore them so tight and trashy, the shorts were nothing more than denim G-strings--I took an old pair of Banana Republic jeans that have a bleach splotch near the knee and cut my own.
Cut-offs are a bit less skanky these days although the jeans cut short enough that the pocket hangs beneath still make me cringe. I think as a 30-something, I did a pretty decent job at pulling them off with a loose fit silk blouse and heeled sandals. Comfy. Confident. Chill. Not in the least bit SKANKY. (lol)

Seeing how celebs Rihanna and Victoria Beckham tastefully rock theirs with a jacket (who woulda thunk it?), I think this trend has shelf least thru autumn.

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