Friday, June 24, 2011

Project Accessory casting

Last Saturday I headed to NYC for the casting of the new spin-off of Project Runway. I completely anticipated a line around the block but to my surprise, there were only about 6 people ahead of me and I was the last person in line for about an hour! I met some super talented accessory designers that design everything from ties to jewelry to spats. Although the line was short, we stood in it for over 2 hrs. I had on heels. Uggggh!
Once we were in the ultra-modern Yotel New York, where the casting took place, we traveled as a group up to the casting director. She looked thru the work of my new friends, turning them away left and right, which  jolted me with a case of the jitters. Up until this time, I wasn't the least bit nervous. The tie-maker had a book full of celebrities sporting his handcrafted work and had traveled from Hollywood for the casting. Yikes!
But she liked ME. And she sent me to get miked and ready for taping with the panel of big wigs in the industry.
Once in the back, I met 3-4 designers who were there prior to me, waiting to see the panelists and one by one, they went in and in a blink of an eye, came out disgruntled or confused. Double Yikes!
But I went in and fielded the questions coming in a mile a minute. Was pleasantly surprised that one of the panelist was Emily Blumenthal of HandbagDesigner101. She knew my work and had written about my line a few years back.
But ultimately, I didn't make the cut. I was encouraged to come back next season and told I would likely be a shoe-in and I shouldn't be discouraged that I'm not in for this season yet because they still have to "deliberate" but I took that as a rejection. Que sera sera...
I'm very glad that I went. It was exhilarating and even cooler, one of my friends DID make the cut and will be on this premier season. I can't wait to watch. He's brilliant!

‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.’

Here are some of the images of the day....

Me in a red dress I chopped that morning.


  1. Love your write up! I did one too! I was #4 in line on Still glad I went! Didn't realize one of the judges was Emily!

  2. Nneka, I read your blog post last night which totally reminded me that I hadn't written my own post of it! LOL Yes, Emily was one of the panelist and we talked a little about FIT (she knows one of my old professors) and the write up she did on me years ago. Didn't help me in the end though. LMBO

  3. Trying to find any info I can on casting for season 2. If you have any please send me an email, I'd really appreciate it. Missed this because I wasn't aware! Thanx

  4. Hi Denice! When I come across the info for Season 2 casting, I will surely post! Stay tuned. :)

  5. Thanx Meca, I appreciate it! If you wouldn't mind adding my email to your mailing list I'd sure appreciate that as well. I'm an accessory designer as well, doing western accessories. Love for you to check out my site Have a Great day!

  6. Hi Anonymous. Sign up to receive the posts via RSS or email. And I visited your site. EXQUISITE!

  7. Thanx for the compliment, means a lot comeing from someone that sees everything you do!.. and I did add my email to your list so looking forward to hearing from you.. Denice