Friday, July 8, 2011

Beats, Rhymes and Life

"As the Tribe flies high like a dove..."

For me, A Tribe Called Quest is EVERYTHING. Before I understood that I was an artsy chick, before I knew what bohemian was, before the term "backpacker" made any sense to me I was an ATCQ fan. They had me at "hello". Their first video, "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo" had me open. My flygirl girlfriends thought I was out of my mind. We were from Newark. It was early 90s. Big Daddy Kane ruled the world. But I liked the b-boys and the new sound of the "backpackers" simultaneously. That experience taught me something I hadn't put my finger on yet. I'm different from my girls. We are from the same hood but have different tastes/values/core beliefs/aesthetics and that's OK. It's fine to be ME. I have the Tribe to thank for this realization. I am thrilled that their story is finally being shared on film. Check the trailer and go see the movie when it comes to your neck of the woods.

Bonita Applebaum brings back so many memories. It was 1990 and I was entering highschool. My real 1st name is Terina so it was only natural that I changed the lyrics to Terina Applebaum. :) I thought I was oh-so-fly!

My favorite joint from my fantasy babydaddy Q-Tip is "Getting Up" but honestly every thing he breathes on is the hottest thing I've ever heard. (in my groupie voice) PS: I met him once. We were in the Blockbusters looking for movies together in the same aisle in Englewood, NJ. I was with my then fiance' and got his autograph. Now happily divorced, I wonder 'Damn, why couldn't I have rolled solo to the video store???' (hehehe) I saw him perform only once...2-3 yrs ago in Long Island. The man is incredible.
Long live A Tribe Called Quest!


  1. I luv ATCQ too! Benita Applebum is my jam. Me n my girl are going to see this tomorrow. I'm so geeked. Lol.

  2. Milan, that's haute! I look fwd to seeing it once its playing in Philly. Enjoy!!