Thursday, August 4, 2011

Streets of New York

I used to attend college (FIT) and work in NYC for about a decade in the corporate fashion industry. Now that I live in the boondocks of South Jersey, I only get to the city about once a month...sometimes less. So I'm always hyped to be in my home away from home when I make the trek. Check these images I took on my way to be filmed for The Jane B. Show.

The dress was just in some window that was not a boutique but possible at office or gallery. Hard to tell as I was rushing by.
The girl on the subway platform was there as I got off the A train. She was just so NYC cool, I NEEDED to snap her.

The ballerina photos are not mine but I saw them the same day posted on FB by a friend. They were taken in NYC as well. Learn more about The Ballerina Project at

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