Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Bag is SO Funky, It has a Theme Song!

Think “Bag Lady” by the illustrious Erykah Badu as you peep this bag. Inspired by her eclectic soulful style, the hobo can hold all the “baggage” she speaks of in her 2000 hit song plus the kitchen sink. Great bag to use fabulously consolidate your goods from the market.
I gathered skins of earth tones and  contrasting textures like shiny metallic, scaly snakeskin, soft lambskin and suede then played with the composition until I liked what I saw. Made strictly of recycled leathers & exotic skins from coats, skirts, jackets, and other discarded garments, the multitude of layers creates two patchwork collage compositions. You decide which side is the front and back. Features an exterior pocket trimmed on braided denim and a zippered pocket in the graffiti inspired cotton lining and hand-carved mahogany wood handles.
Side A

Side B layout prior to stitching
Off to the market
Interior zippered pocket
 Available NOW at my Etsy store.

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