Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nit Ra Sit Originals

The Diamond Dress-Back
Upper back

PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF.  My name is Neith Rasuten I was born in Harlem U.S.A, I really feel like a bit of old Harlem resides in me.  The days of pageantry and showmanship I am drawn to the era of the Harlem Renaissance.  I think everything I create in some way pays homage to that time.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED ON YOUR CREATIVE PATH? I owe my creativity, appreciation and understanding of art and beauty to my grandmother.  An artist that worked in a number of mediums she introduced me to them all.  As a child I remember her taking me to piano lessons and having me play what I had learned for the family each week.  She made oil paintings and hand stitched tapestry along with embroidery watching and learning from her are among of some my finest memories of childhood.  Designing clothes was a passion of hers which quickly became mine as well. 

WHAT DO YOU CREATE? I create women’s clothing and design accessories.

WHAT INSPIRES YOU TO CREATE? I am inspired by cultures from around the world.  Traditional garb given a modern edge than recreated in textiles you might not normally see them created in. Architectural design shapes and colors in nature.  Reviewing what has been done before and making it modern or giving it a twist. It really never gets old for me.

HOW HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO MAKE A LIVING BY BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC, CREATIVE SELF?  Networking mostly, also I am able to work with boutique owners.  I market my work on several different internet platforms.

WHAT NEW PROJECTS ARE YOU WORKING ON?  I picked up a celebrity client this year so working on her line.  As well as Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

HOW CAN PEOPLE FIND & SUPPORT YOUR WORK? People can find me on a host of platforms I teach sewing techniques from my U-stream Channel, I show case design features from my blog and Tumblr, I am on Etsy and you can shop with me directly by going to my website www.nitrasit.com
.  I am also carried by Calabash clothing boutique in Brooklyn, NY. Down to Earth Boutique & Gallery in Suffolk, VA and Wondo Gehnet in St. Vincent, WI.


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