Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trendspotting: Hip Pouches (Formerly known as Fanny Packs)

Apparently these hip pouches are all the rage, but dare not refer to them as FANNY PACKS. lol! I stumbled onto the trend because I have become an avid bike rider. I'm loving what riding does for my thighs and hips....but not crazy about the fact that deciding to stop at the store en route is a major inconvenience without a handbag. So, I invented the Jypsea Gypsy Pocket as the ultimate solution: slide it along your belt as a hip pouch as you ride. Grasp it in your hand as you head out to your lunch date as a clutch or toss it in a larger bag as a cosmetic case;it features a built-in interior mirror.
If you wanna try to make your own, check out I Spy DIY for instructions.
Not very crafty? Buy the ready-made Jypsea versions here for only $55.

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