Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Wonder of Shah Wonders!

How do you go from being a "broke as a joke" janitor to working as the creative director at TLC’s label LaFace Records and creatively spearheaded the TLC “Waterfalls” concept then working his magic for an impressive roster of clients including the likes of industry heavy hitters such as Nike, Sony Records, Tyra Banks, LL Cool J, R. Kelly, Adidas, Marc Ecko, Russell Simmons and Jay-Z , to list of a few?
A lot of grinding, a dash of hustling, and non-stop, dedicated dream catching. Read and be inspired:


  1. I just crashed my UFO into Lafayette Gardens Projects (I think I broke my leg...the bone is poking through the skin...yup, it's broke)! Anyway, as i step away from the crash, I read this LOVE from Meca...who does it better?! Big Up to her and all those who believe in Aliens! Let's INVADE!

  2. Put some ice on that leg and KEEP GOING! We have invading to do, captain. Let's GO!!! xo