Friday, June 1, 2012

Challenge Yourself! B Fit 30 Day Fitness Challenge

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30 Day Body Challenge 
B Fit 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Don't think you can get amazing results in just 30 days?
Think again!
Sign up for our 30 day B Fit Body Challenge!

What is it?

Local Boot Camp  Challenge

Wednesdays June 6-27 at 7pm
Cooper River Park Track Parking Lot
Cherry Hill NJ

Price- $50.00
(plus $5.00 deposit placed if you plan to rent dvds, which will be given back at the end of the program)

Minimum of 5 participants needed to run the program, and maximum of 12 members for the class.

The challenge includes:
  • 4- 1 day a week boot-camp class (don’t worry if you miss a week, we will send one to you via email to complete at home.
  • Weekly workout schedules adapted to your daily routine and your personal workouts according to your schedule.
  • 4 weeks of online food journaling using Lose It© program.
  • Weekly check ins by your personal trainer for the month, ME!
  • Goal setting for the month, so you can reach your goal by program’s completion.
  • Optional weekly weigh-ins for those looking for weight loss.
  • Optional weekly video rental of workouts from me (5.00 deposit, 1 dvd a week for rental) so you can complete workouts at home.

To sign up go to

Sign up now, only 12 slots available and 5 definite slots need to be filled to run the program. Challenge starts June 3rd.

For questions, please email Brandi at Brandi@biftservic

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