Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Born Again Vintage: The Collective. {Bigger & Better!}

On Thursday April 25th, I had the pleasure of dropping in the fabulous new location of Born Again Vintage to visit and congratulate it's owner, my friend Bridgett Artise. It's barely 3 weeks old and yet it feels like a mainstay on this charming winding road that leads to Bloomfield Avenue and luckily, she sits only a few feet from the Glenridge Avenue/Bloomfield Avenue intersection. Location is EVERYTHING.
Bridgett is the proprietor and designer of the brand, Born Again Vintage, which is an eco-friendly line of upcycled/recycled vintage garments made new, FRESH, and post-modern.
Un-altered vintage clothing and accessories are sold here as well as her book, Born Again Vintage

Storefront window of BAV
Besides her line of fabulouness, Bridgett shares the spotlight with The Collective: her curated list of indie brands that she carries in this hip space.  Check out these designers' website or shop them in person. The boutique is a treasure trove of funky, fly designs; handmade body products;  and original art. You're certain to find something amazing there.

Vibrant, fashion-forward look from BAV
BAV on the runway
Fun t-shirts. Leather Skirts.

Vintage Chanel hardware becomes jewelry at BAV

Me (on left) with Bridgett Artise in her beautiful boutique with my gift to her, an upcycled fur pillow from my new collection Jypsea HOME.

BunnFunn collection
Clash and lime
Vintage by vintage Shaun
The d-list
Indie Chicago designers
Eldenwa designs
Banjo and bone
Blue Bettie's
Love me like a rock
Marcelle decaille 
Sarah Djarnie
Butter by keba
Fsl cosmetics
Shop Born Again Vintage: The Collective at 219 Glenridge Ave., Montclair NJ 07042.
Wed - Sat: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm Sun: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Visit the website: www.b-artise.com and Like BAV on Facebook for updates, events, and fresh new haute merchandise!


  1. So I am pleasantly surprise! Came onto blogger today, and to see a familiar name in my blog list is wonderful. I've supported (still do) B. Artise from the earlier stages of her creative journey. I have a special place in my closet just for my upcycled/recycled apparel. Bridget is just a great person.

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for supporting indie designers and for keeping your wardrobe eco-fabulous Itiel! Yes, Bridgett is truly wonderful (and apparently, so are you!) :)