Monday, August 19, 2013

Update: VITA-K Professional Skincare Product Review

(Updated RESULTS below)
A week ago, the good folks at Klout were kind enough to send me 3 full-sized samples of VITA-K Professional as a Klout perk. 
The products focus primarily on aging skin--there was one for crow's feet and one for deep facial lines. Luckily, at 37 I don't have such issues yet. BUT they hit the mark with the tube for AGE SPOTS.
Fresh scrubbed face. See those 2 marks? :(
I have 2 small yet brutally annoying spots along my left jawline that have been there for approx 5 years, driving me nuts. But although called age spots, age spots actually have nothing to do with age. They are discolorations on the skin from pigment-producing cells stressed and overworked by UV exposure. They create an uneven skin-tone which causes an appearance of aged skin. I have otherwise very clear skin except for those miserable blemishes. I tried a few products that promise to fade dark spots for a while but never have seen improvement. I gave up and just keep them covered with a dab of concealer over my BB cream. Which works WONDERFULLY actually at hiding them. But how great would it be if they eventually disappear for good?!!
BB cream and a few dabs of concealer at the jawline.

 VITA-K Professional for Age Spots claims to help fade age spots, rejuvenate & brighten, and with the same benefits as leading prescription skin brighteners using vitamin K, C, kolic acid, and licorice extract.
Well, I have nothing to lose so I am following the instructions and using it twice a day. Results are expected in 2 months.

I will check-in in 3 weeks for a mid-point update then in another 30 days for a final review.

Wish me luck!

Ever tried a fade cream with successful result? Ever tried VITA-K Professional products? Do tell! Leave a comment, please.

Meca xo

9/17/13 Update
I've been using the product once a day for about 5 weeks now (although it states it should be used twice a day, I don't like the residue it leaves on my skin so I only do it before bed.)
Quite honestly, I don't see much of a difference. There is a slight improvement but nothing to write home (or blog about) ;). But on the upside, I still have 90% of the tube left. It really is like a year's supply worth which makes it a good buy (if it really works). So I will keep plugging at it. Maybe it will take twice as long since I am using it only half as much?
Will keep you posted!

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