Monday, September 9, 2013

Me, MIA...but for A Good Reason.

I've been a bit MIA lately but if you understood all I had going on this summer, you'd give me a pass. PLUS, you'd be excited to know all that's coming down the pike for this lovely blog of mine.
This summer, after 8 years of home ownership in South Jersey, I sold my house (finally) and moved back to North Jersey, minutes outside of NYC, to start grad school. I'm earning my Masters of Art with a focus of Design & Craft. Exploring new mediums like metal and clay and discovering ways of applying this to my work as a leather artisan is awesome. I am finding out about artisans that I never knew existed and falling in love with the world of craft and design all over again.
I will be sharing many of these discoveries and the progress of my new work here so stay tuned for DOPENESS.
And, the best way to keep up with my day to day discoveries, art gallery visits, projects and musings is to follow me on Instagram. I may not always have time for blogging but I ALWAYS have time for IG!
See you there.
Loving peninsula life in my new town.
1st day of school!
How I get through difficulties.
Find more of my happenings on IG.

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