Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Haute Hangouts on Halsey Street

Halsey Street, without equivocation, is the best street in the city of Newark, NJ. As the land of my birth, I kinda feel like I became an expert on the city since leaving there in the 90s, entering college then the corporate world. I spent years defending the place to outsiders who refused to believe I came from such a "bleak" place and, as a result, I learned more about Newark's rich history.
But I digress! Enough about the city...let's focus on my favorite street there: Halsey Street. Located downtown, it runs parallel to Broad St from Washington Park to Lincoln Park. The enterprises below are on the blocks between Central Avenue (one block in from Washington Park) and Commerce Street.
Halsey is literally around the corner from my favorite Newark gem--the Newark Museum--and has been ahead of the curve in creating a chic, cosmopolitan row of cafes, restaurants, salons and boutiques. One spot more fabulous then the next. And with a Whole Foods opening there soon, Halsey St. will surely see a massive increase of popularity soon.
 Here's the lowdown:

The Coffee Cave:
45 Halsey St.
My go-to place in the area for salmon wraps, Italian sodas and homemade soups. Also known for its house music parties. It keeps strange hours but is usually open in the middle of the day, Monday-Friday.
Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Coffee-Cave/155658297829808 

Elbow Room:
41 Halsey St.
The latest addition to the Halsey St eateries is the Elbow Room which originates from Brooklyn and serves hearty comfort food with macaroni and cheese being the central sticking point. From cheeseburger mac & cheese to lobster mac & cheese, you are bound to found something for any macaroni & cheese lover. And you'll linger playing board games over dessert. 

Art Kitchen: 
61 Halsey St.
Known first as Newark Art Supply, which had been around since I was a child, this retailer used to sell art supplies. The Newark Art Supply then later merged with a cafe. Now, the art supplies are gone and the name has since changed to the Art Kitchen. It's has a hipster vibe, pretty decor and serves sweet treats.

27 Mix:
27 Halsey St.
A cool Southwestern, Asian, and Italian fusion restaurant and bar with a downtown vibe. Exposed brick walls, intimate outdoor seating in the back and delicious bites with  fair prices makes this a MUST-GO Halsey St experience.
Luxe Boutique:
83 Halsey St.

Sexy, body-hugging dresses with equally sexy strappy stilettos are what you'll find at Luxe Boutique. If you need a freak 'em dress, this is the place to be! The boutique caters to its clients with fun shopping parties, brunches and other fab events.


Blush Spa & Lounge:
32 Halsey St.
I've never had their services but I have been inside twice. Hip environment with a pretty staff and an impressive list of pampering services.  If you're into faux lashes, the word on the street is that they're the best for lash extensions.
Marco Hall Boutique:
29 Halsey St.
Originally Karma Boutique, which featured the designs of Newark's own internationally-known fashion designer, Marco Hall. On December 7th, 2014, it will re-launch as the Marco Hall Boutique. Marco Hall is a genius at what he does. I had the pleasure of meeting him and watching him drape a new design on a mannequin. In minutes, he had a piece SO BAD, I was astounded. Not only is he extremely talented, but also fast---which is an oxymoron in the design world. He is a prized Newark design star. Can't wait to see the new shop!

St. James & Co.
25 Halsey St.
Finally, something for the fellas! Hi-end eyewear (the owner of shop, Cabral Miller,  is also the co-owner of Newark optometry shop, Elegant Eyes), leather man bags, silk ties, skin care, candles, and all the cosmopolitan urbane man needs to distinguish himself. The vibe is luxurious yet unpretentious there, thanks to the friendliness of the crew.

Other places of interest-
Lenzy's Health Bar:
I never been in but if they have all the natural goodies stated in the signage, I need to make that my next stop. It's been there for ages so it must be doing something right. I've seen quite a few shops open and close on Halsey over the last few years due to lack of support from the locals but this one has stood the test of time.

The Weave Bar:
1212 Raymond Blvd
(973) 733-2881
No, it's not directly on Halsey but just a block away on Raymond Blvd. I'm a natural chick BUT if I ever choose to indulge myself with a weave, trust and believe, this would be where I would do so. The owner is super sweet, the location couldn't be more convenience and the setting is totally chic! 

Enjoy your Halsey St. visit!
Meca xo

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