Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fashion Trucks

Joey Wolffer is photographed in the back of her fashion truck, the Styleliner.
Approximately 2 years ago, when a friend was researching starting a gourmet food truck, I proclaimed rather enthusiastically, "Wouldn't be AMAZING to have a Jypsea BOUTIQUE on a food truck?" I truly thought I was on to something new...like uncharted territory. My own little INVENTION...the mobile boutique! So imagine my shock while hanging with a friend in the Meatpacking district last year when I saw the Styliner gracing the streets of NYC. Come to find out, the mobile boutique concept is a booming trend. Who knew? Clearly, there is nothing new under the sun. It's an amazing way to reach new markets, literally moving to where the customers are while cutting down on the overhead costs of renting a store. Brilliant!
Major new outlets have covered this business trend as well, such as CNN and CNBC.
So enjoy the best days of the year (Spring and Summer) while shopping the fashion trucks in your 'hoods.

Emily Benson’s The Fashion Truck
Here are a few haute picks: The Styliner: https://thestyleliner.com/
The Fashion Truck:
Sneakerbox: http://www.sneakerboxtruck.com/
The YAPA Fashion Truck:
Celebrities Mobile Boutique:
Boston-based Sneakerbox

The YAPA Fashion Truck
Harlem-based designer, Nneka Green-Ingram started a accessory fashion line out of a former snack truck.

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  1. Great post. . I love the concept! I think the idea of a fashion truck is second to an online store. Selling and seeing the world all at once. Sounds like a dream! :)