Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello world,
I am a bit of a blogging hiatus and I'd like you to know why. I'm in my last year of grad school at New Jersey City University and because I'm attending full-time while juggling mommy duties and business, blogging just falls to the bottom of the to-do list.
Plus, I am getting my thesis research underway. I will be blogging that process though at my other blog:
I don't want to discuss the thesis much publicly at the moment but I will say that I will be focused partially on providing leather crafting to survivors of domestic violence as a community service and ultimately creating the foundation for a non-profit organization/community center I plan to open after graduation that will be built on the foundation of artists/designers/creative entrepreneurs teaching skills to the community through free workshops in an effort to provide skill-training and uplift those who desire the available resources. All of the details will be documented in the new blog. Follow it to see how The Dream BIGGER! Academy takes shape and how the thesis and the products developed from it will fit into the equation.
I am very excited about the next several months. I may pop in here once in the while but for the most part, keep up with new products at my website, And stay in touch via the social networks to the right.

Until later.....

Stay blessed,
Terina Nicole

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