Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Why I am Truly GRATEFUL!

Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday of the year followed by the 4th of July. Family, food (both eating and cooking) and preparing for Christmas is fun for me. And it jump starts my holiday craft fair/pop up shop vending season with my line, Jypsea Leathergoods, where I get to meet my clients face-to-face and make new ones all while developing new friendships and professional relationships. All of this extroverted stuff that I love! Thanksgiving kicks it all off. 

But besides the busy-ness of the season, it is a good day to look around and reflect. Tonight my guy and I are headed to my mother's house in VA and meeting my siblings there with their spouses and children. I am thrilled to have the most important people to me under one roof, minus one. Sadly, this year my daughter goes to her dad, my ex-husband, for turkey. :( Nonetheless, I am grateful. I am grateful that she is healthy and happy and has a daddy who wouldn't dream of spending the holiday without her. I am grateful that my family gets to spend more time bonding with my sweetheart. I am grateful that my brothers- my day one best homies- are both healthy and strong and each the head of their own households with beautiful, supportive spouses and amazing children.
I have prepared my fave dishes: Seafood stuffed red snapper, Meca's Mean Greens, Fresh cranberry sauce, and a pitcher of Peach Sangria. 

I also have a DIY holiday project prepared to do with my nieces and nephews: Gold Pine Cone Garland. 

I never take for granted that we will have another opportunity to break bread together. So although I am hosting a pop up shop in Newark NJ on Black Friday, I am headed to VA tonight to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family just to return the very next day to meet and greet Black Friday shoppers, for whom I am also grateful for. Plus, there is one more month left in my current semester and I am one semester away from completing my Masters degree in Art (Design/Craft). 
Life is never perfect but it is very good, and for this I am truly grateful.
I am wishing you all health, prosperity and love this Thanksgiving. 

Gratefully your,
Terina Nicole 

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