Friday, January 9, 2015

Dope Brand Alert! Taila.Made Artisan Soaps

I was nothing but thrilled when fellow blogger, Taila O'Neal of Haute Hemisphere, launched a line of luxury, handcrafted soap. I had to know what was her inspiration to do so...

Q: Taila, you have been known as the maven behind the successful blog, Haute Hemisphere. What made you decide to launch a line of luxe soaps?

A. Taila.Made was manifested when eczema declared war on my hands. I grew up with sensitive skin and eczema. As I got older, my case started to dissipate. During my junior year of college my hands began to develop super dry patches that would flake, peel and sometimes bleed. It was so painful! Doctors suggested radiation, and I wasn't for it. I wanted a natural alternative, so I made one.
Alas, I birthed Taila.Made - Earth Inspired Luxuries. 

My brand is a fusion of high quality natural ingredients known for their hydrating and healing properties merged with  the concept of treating your skin as the ancient (Egyptians,Persians,Arabians and Native Americans ) royals did. Cleopatra used Castor, Frankincense and Myrrh oils to keep her skin radiate.
Taila.Made believes we are all royal spirits and should treat our skin as such.

Taila.Made Shea Butter Soap Stone

I don't know about you all but I totally consider myself royal and worthy of the same treatments Cleopatra used.Treat yourself to Taila.Made by shopping the collection at
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