Friday, January 2, 2015

Make Something 2015 Challenge and Giveaway!

Bronze Sphere Earrings and its sketch, made Nov 2014.
I believe in the power of creativity. I believe our ability to make something new from our imagination is proof that we are direct descendants of God, The Creator, the Ultimate Most High. As upbeat and bubbly as I am naturally, I slump into a depression if I haven't created anything new in a while. I MUST MAKE SOMETHING! :)
So of course, I believe making stuff directly impacts our level of happiness, boosts self-esteem, and increases our abilities to solve problems creativity. Plus, it's just mad fun!
Whether you make stuff for a living, as a hobbyist, or as a student learning to make stuff, let's make stuff together in January. Every Thursday, I will post a project that I am working on, be it an order I am fulfilling for a client or just my design experiments, and I will tag it #WhatIsTerinaNicoleMakingToday and #MakeSomething2015 on IG on the LOTA-N-C fan page.
Post what you've made on the fan page, too. At the end of the month, I will pick 5 makers from the postings to send an autographed copy of ENVISION: The Young Accessory Designer's Guide to Collection Development, leather fringe key fobs, a Mink brooch or whatever fly thing I have on the Jypsea shelves. :)

Let's have a creative 2015!

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