Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anu Rock and Metal Jewelry

Words cannot express how much I adore Anu Rock and Metal, founded & designed by jeweler, Nkrumah Jennings, who's personal story reads like The Alchemist, by Paulo Cuehlo. Nkrumah's training in jewelry making began in 1998, when he traveled to Puerto Rico to join a group of pilgrims, retracing the Maafa, the steps of enslaved Africans. After some conflicts within the traveling group regarding the next destination on the pilgrimage, Nkrumah, and six others, split form the larger group of travelers. Removed from their source of travel funding, they ended up in a homeless shelter in Puerto Rico. Here is where he met & was taught by a skilled bead smith, and was able to create pieces that paid for his passport and ticket to Venezuela. In both Venezuela & Brazil, he learned more extensive forms of jewelry making from master craftsmen on the streets, and the art of metal work on a boat trip across the Amazon river. These experiences provided the knowledge for him to later develop Anu Rock and Metal Jewelry, which began using found copper material in abandoned homes and demolition sites.

I purchased a pair of large brass hoops from Anu Rock and Metal in 2005, and after five years, I'm still completely in love with those earrings! They are, without question, my favorite earrings to rock on the daily. Also, after learning more about Nkrumah's creative journey, I am even more proud to adorn myself in Anu Rock and Metal, as if it were a precious artifact, constructed by ancestral hands. His work truly has a Diasporic story to tell.

If you want to stand out in a crowd, Anu Rock and Metal is the brand for you! Support Anu Rock and Metal Jewelry ~ each piece is a beautifully hand crafted work of ART.

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