Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Style Innovators~Husband and Wife Duo, Kevin and Rasheedah Blackwood: Frocksandflats.com

This smart innovation inspires in innumerable ways. First of all, the newly launched enterprise Frocksandflats.com marries fashion design and interior design in a way never seen before. Secondly, since we are on the topic of marriages, Kevin and Rasheedah are not just genius business owners but are also my favorite married couple. I've know Rasheedah since our college days in NYC. We met in our 2nd semester draping class at FIT and I fell in love with her Lauryn Hill-esque steez from day one. Once I discovered that we were the same age, from practically the same 'hood in Jersey and had mutual friends, it was ON! She and I have journeyed through the fashion industry together as designers in corporate America, freelancers, boutique owners, wives, mothers, teachers, and entrepreneurs...always able to relate to one another's experiences.
Therefore to now see how her super hubby Kevin, who is also known to hook-up a slammin' Jamaican feast (lucky girl!), and she have combined their brilliant talents for the ultimate venture, Frocksandflats.com, just blows my mind.

Peep it.

Q & A with Rasheedah Blackwood, Co-founder of Frocksandflats.com
1. What gave you two the courage to use your creative talents to be start your business now?
Before the company started we had so many people requesting us to do things for them such as go shopping with them for clothes to wear to an event, make something, or re-do a room in their home. We were just encouraged by all of the requests and knew for sure that we should really just be doing this.....NOW.

2. What exactly makes this work authentic?
No one is offering interior design and fashion design combined. If you have an event to attend, we can design your outfit and if your living room is crappy, we can re-design it while you are at the event. Or, as another example, say you find out that you are pregnant but you insist that you want to remain your-normally-fly-fashionista-self. We can keep you FLY by designing your chic maternity wardrobe and the maternity room in your home at once.

3. Rasheedah, what inspires you to create?
My work is inspired by everything I love. I can see something as simple as a suitcase and use it as inspiration. The trim can become the trim on a garment and/or in a room as a border. I'm inspired constantly by conversations, art, music, nature, my sons....it's never-ending. But our products/designs, although from our own inspiration, are custom-suited to fit the client’s personality.

4. As a husband and wife team, how do you find working with Kevin?
It is a huge challenge working with my husband (LOL) so we've decided to behave as business partners while working, by simply doing our separate jobs out of each other's hair. Once the job is over, we then happily revert back to husband and wife.

5. What can we expect from Frocksandflats.com in the near future? A product line-Dresses and home accents will be available at website soon.

See how it's done:

Get your home and wardrobe on point simultaneously @
website: http://www.frocksandflats.com/
email: info@frocksandflats.com
phone: 954.865.5935 and 954.865.5935

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