Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black Beauty

Today I found a page on youtube that made my heart sing! A collection of videos by LaMorenaReina69, capturing images of beautiful Black people within Latin America.

La Morena Reina describes her page as follows:

This page is dedicated Mainly to the African descendants of Latin America, and other Caribbean nations. It upsets me that the media and people across America are under the impression that people from Spanish speaking countries are all mestizos. Africans have made a huge impact throughout Latin America,from the music, food and the diverse beauty of its people.. Reasons for making this channel because I seen so much videos on African American beauty (Beautiful in every aspect no pun intended) I just wanted to represent a beautiful part of black people in Latin American which is not represented...

So many of us have nooooooooooooo idea that Black folks exist throughout the African Diaspora, which includes Latin America, and in ALL parts of the world, including Europe & Asia. I saw a beautiful video today on the Black experience in Russia. We are ALL more alike than we are different. Get to know your brothers & sisters around the world - We are one. Knowledge is power ~ Be inspired & empowered!!





She also has beautiful image collections of the people of Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, & Uruguay.

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