Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gustav Klimt

My favorite artist EVER is Gustav Klimt. Between 1900 & 1918, he ruled the art scene of Vienna.

Years ago, while visiting the Louvre in Paris, I purchased a Gustav Klimt calendar, which included all of his most popular works, including The Kiss. My calender is now "many years" out of date, however its still hanging in my design studio because it provides so much inspiration for my work I looooooove his color palette - his usage of muted brights & metallics is breathtaking. I also love the development of layered prints & textures within his paintings.

Check out the slide show of Gustav's life & work. I learned so much about him from watching these videos. From his work, its clear that Gustav admired the sensuality and femininity of his female subjects, but Gustav the womanizer? Who knew!! Check out the drawings - I will leave it at that - haha!

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