Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unique Kreations by Kristin Cooper

I was recently hipped to Unique Kreations - A very femme, and super funky jewelry line by self taught jeweler, Kristin Cooper. This line is divine!! The broad variety of styles within the collection is a match for the varied style sensibilities of women, of every age. Unique Kreations offers so many jewelry sizes, styles and interchangeable options to keep you looking fresh, and aligned with your own personal style. Kristin's highly specialized technique of intricate wire bending/wrapping, and super smart designs are what make Unique Kreations stand faaaar, faaaar away from the pack.

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What makes "Unique Kreations" authentic & creative?

In my opinion, authenticity is being true and creativity is thinking outside the box. My jewelry is authentic because I only kreate designs that I truly love. don't think, "What design can I make that I think will sell". Instead, I kreate designs that look pleasing to me and give a unique twist to traditional jewelry. Unique Kreations is creative because the jewelry, quite simply, is unique. It is unique in design, as well as in construction. Every piece of each earring, necklace or cuff, down to the jumpring and earwire are made by my hands. Learning wire-bending and wire-wrapping techniques gives me complete freedom to kreate anything I can imagine. My interchangeable jewelry is pretty unique in and of itself. It gives the average woman the ability to kreate their own earrings and necklace without one single tool and without any experience. I also believe that any true artistic expression of oneself is inherently authentic and creative.

Any advice for aspiring creatives?

Always follow your heart, not the money. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. Don't be afraid to step out and turn your creative hobby into a business. Reach out to a mentor who has an established business in your field of art. He or she can teach you so much. Stay positive and count your blessings!

Kristin Cooper
Unique Kreations
Unique Jewelry :: Unique Purpose

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  1. self taught?? unique?? what a huge lie! stolen designs and technique learned from someone else (she couldn't even do it right at first, took a long time for her to get to any level of competence), and is now being passed off as her own. Hope karma catches up with her.