Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Open Doors

Reading my super dope partner, Nicole's, posts today about New Orleans got me thinking of my own town that has had its share of tragedy, Newark--aka Brick City.
For the 3rd year in a row, I'm getting in gear for Newark's BIG occassion, Open Doors. For 4 days, September 23-26 (it's much earlier this year), all the city's art galleries have openings. There are film screenings and studio tours and art auctions and the lovely Barat Foundation (known for taking Newark kids to France to immerse them in the fashion/art/dance/language of the French) does this super cool parade to kick things off!
I grew up in the Newark area but left for 15 yrs in 1994 after high school graduation, during an era of shoot-outs and heavy drug dealing. I returned for 2 years recently, 2007-2009, to find an awesome art scene and right in time to volunteer as a tour guide on the studios tour for the 2008 Open Doors. Last year, I had my very own Open Doors installation with 2 other amazing designers/artist Jay Wallace and Abina Wood called "Where Women Create".
Abina made the gorgeous jersey dresses and Jay provided all of the paintings and painted furniture.

This year, I hope to participate in Design Newark, which will showcase the Newark-inspired work of interior designers, furniture designers, fashion (me) designers, graphic designers, and product designers. For other interested designers, hurry!!
Today is the last day to apply.

Go Newark! You've survived riots, crack, and gangbangin'. I see a return to your glory just over the horizon. Your daughter is so proud of you.


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