Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The flyest chick I've met all week is Ms. Zakiyyah Hason. Homegirl was out with mutual friend, and total hottie Andrea St. Hilaire (I love how perfectly snobby her name sounds-don't you?) wearing this gorgeous Indian-inspired paisley and sequin tunic with guess what? HOT PANTS...yes! Those long cocoa brown legs stole the scene. BUT it was the exotic Indian ear decor that made me pull out my Palm Pixi and designate her as this week's STYLE STAR. Of course, Miss Thang is more than just a fashion DO by mixing sexy+casual+ethnic so effortlessly, she is also a personal/private chef with her own company! Contact Many Mini Things for all of your catering needs. (973) 337-3985, thegreatestchef@gmail.com. How fly is SHE?!
(PS: I totally sent this photo to my Indian boss to find out where to cop my very own ear-jewelry-thingamajid. Can't wait to rock it!)

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