Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Calypso - A Trinidadian Delight

I must confess. I am a total international foodie!!! I love Thai, Malaysian, Indian, African, Spanish and ALL things Caribbean - So, I was in complete heaven when I discovered Calypso - Trinidadian Cuisine!

My eyes were bigger than my tummy upon my visit to Calypso, so it took me two whole days to eat all that I purchased, but every dish was sooooooooo yummy! I ordered saltfish & bake, chicken roti, rice & peas, mixed veggies and tropical mango tea. I wanted to try the doubles but they were all sold out - next time they are mine! :)

If you are in Chestnut Hill - Philly, make sure you check out Calypso. Its delish!!

Calypso - Trinidadian Cuisine
Chestnut Hill Farmers Market (Thursday, Friday & Saturday Only)

Saltfish & Fry Bake

Chicken Roti

Calypso Owner

Farmers Market Exterior

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