Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Heart Nollywood!!

The Nigerian film industry -pka- Nollywood, is the second largest global film industry, after Indian Bollywood, and the continent of Africa's largest.

Nollywood grosses roughly 500 million dollars annually, and has MASTERED the art of inexpensive filmmaking. Most films cost less than $15,000 to produce, and go straight to DVD - total eliminating the great cost associated with theater releases. There is such a high demand for these films upon DVD release, that up to 200,000 units are sold in one day - at the very inexpensive price of $2.00 per video. GENIUS marketing!!

I am totally addicted to these films, and their simple, yet engaging story lines! Just like Spanish novellas, Nollywood films are 100% pure DRAMA, lol! Check out this one - Beyonce & Rihanna - Hilaaaaaarious!! Although I'm certain that these films are not intended to be comedic, the high level of drama makes them hella funny!

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  1. Too much, my parents love them some African movies. I give them props though, they doing there thing.