Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dream Broker Inc.

Since childhood, my good friend, Brian Jones, has been an intellectually creative genius! He & I attended elementary school & high school together in Philadelphia. Since we were children, I've admired Brian's jovial & unassuming spirit, coupled with his "take no prisoners" approach to personal & professional ascension. He is a force.

Today, his company, Dream Broker Inc. serves leaders who are expanding their creative capacities and cultivating enterprises that are aligned with their vision.

Dream Broker meets the needs of their creative clientele in a three tiered approach:

1. Edify Lives

* We value the unique character, competencies, capabilities, callings, and contributions of all individuals

* We believe each person has something of value to offer to family, friends, and fellow citizens of the world

* We commit to helping individuals discover and share their giftedness

2. Encourage Enterprise

* We value the ideas of individuals seeking to profit their families, future generations, and fellow-citizens of the world

* We believe that properly established, sustainable enterprises are key to advancing the greater good of our society

* We commit to helping individuals translate ideas into concrete plans and assisting with enterprise development

3. Empower Communities

* We value interdependence and reciprocity as expressed through local, regional, national, and global community

* We believe that communities thrive best when afforded equitable access to profitable resources

* We commit to helping individuals/enterprises to make their resources more accessible to communities-in-need

I am sooooooo thrilled about Dream Broker's mission!! This company truly inspires me.

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