Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Q & A with Gizem Bacaz, Artist/Interior Designer/Jewelry Designer/Art Gallery Owner

Photograph by Dawan Wryet Alford,
I was introduced to Gizem within the last 2 yrs. I've since been fascinated by her wealth of experiences and her gentle, helpful spirit. I had the pleasure and honor of working with her as she provided the face painting for the Grand Opening of my design studio. She did an amazing job! Now, you meet her:

Q: Please introduce yourself. What do you create?
A: Hello my name is Gizem Bacaz. I create from my imagination and delve into psychedelic water's with my tools and from that comes a multidimensional work of art.
Q:How did you get started on your creative path?
A: I got started on my creative path when I was 3- my mother would leave me with my grandfather and I watched him paint Swans. It inspired me later on around 7 to paint portraits of people I met, and people I never met.
Q: How have you been able to make a living being your authentic & creative self?
A: Making a living has been kinda like how a diamond grows- in the ruff and built from pressure.
Q: How can people find and support your work?
A: I am working on reopening Seed Gallery, Spring/2011 and in the process of presenting a new edition of prints Fall/2010. Interested individuals can connect to my network and check in by visiting or email
Q: What is your advice for aspiring gallery owners?
A: My path was not specifically envisioned to have become the owner of an art gallery. I am an inventive multidimensional artist. Opportunities knock on your door when you work hard and progress through diligent focus and devotion. That is how I accomplish goals. A vision does not come with a training manual. In order to unlock your full potential you must first realize that the potential is and has always been there.
My vision is to bring forth an innovative and fresh approach to creating an environment that is more than an art gallery. Seed is a movement and a vehicle to enhance, create and evolve a community.
Gizem Bacaz has worked with award winning Alex Grey, Kyu Nam Han. Designed album covers for various signed artists. Performed at festivals around the country. She has exhibited at MicroCoSM Gallery, Rogue, Fusion and is planning a solo show series starting in Soho and potentially traveling to Europe Winter/2012.

Gizem and Erykah Badu

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