Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Food Discovery: Seafood Sausage

As a true pescotarian, I steer clear of all meat relying strictly on fish, nuts, seeds, grains, fruit and veggies to nourish my body. But I do reminisce about my favorite meals from time to time and can usually find an interesting way to cook my fave turkey/chicken meal with fish. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out how I would have my staple, spaghetti with sausage, besides using vegetarian sausages--which have the tendency of being "iffy".
Imagine my delight at the neighborhood Shoprite while shopping for the lobster that was on sale the day before-all gone...ugggh!-when I discover SEAFOOD SAUSAGE. Hurray! Sausage is just ground meat stuffed in a casing so seafood sausage seemed like a no-brainer to me and now it finally existed somewhere other than my imagination. Couldn't wait to simmer it in tomato sausage, fresh spanish onions, bells peppers, cherry tomatoes, garlic and toss over multi-grain pasta. Yummy to my tummy!

While the pasta boiled, I chopped the veggies and warmed the olive oil in a pan. I seared the sausage on both sides for the perfect golden brown color and then dumped in the veggies, sprinkled sea salt, fresh ground black pepper, italian seasoning, and a touch of red pepper. After about 10 mins on med-hi, I added store bought marinara sausage and a sprinkle of sugar to remove the bitterness. Reduced the heat and covered to simmer for another 10 mins.
Tossed it all over the pasta, hooked up a quick salad but decided against the wine so I could focus on the flavor of the sausage and determine if this is a godsend or just weird.

The unfortunate truth is that to me, it's JUST WEIRD. :( Smells like fish and tastes unfamiliar. I don't particularly like fish and pasta together so this just didn't work wonders for me but I'm glad I tried it. Give it a try, maybe you'll love it.
Dinner for one is served

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