Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yummy Spoonfuls

Yummy Spoonfuls is an Atlanta based 100% organic baby food company developed by native Cameroonian, Agatha Achindu. After the birth of her son, Agatha vowed that her baby boy would only eat healthy, nutritious whole foods. She began preparing 100% organic meals for him, that became very popular among the parents in her social & professional circles. Agatha quickly realized that there was a viable market for freshly prepared 100% certified organic baby foods, without hormones, pesticides, additives, fillers, sugars, salt, dairy, or gluten. At that point in 2006, Agatha quit her six-figure job, cashed out her 401K & personal savings, and began Yummy Spoonfuls with her husband, Georges. Her hard work, and amazing foresight paid off when noted parenting magazine, Cookie, rated Yummy Spoonfuls as their #1 pick for organic baby food.

Yummy Spoonfuls offers three stages of freshly prepared meals: Creamy Yummy (6-9 months), Mushy Yummy (9-12 months) & Chunky Yummy (12months+). Some of their delectable meal combination include pureed organic butternut squash; mashed organic papaya, quinoa & banana; and organic adzuki beans & sweet potato porridge.

Yummy Spoonfuls ships nationally at Yummy Spoonfuls, and Amazon. The brand is also available at select national specialty stores including Whole Foods.

Keep up with the exciting developments of Yummy Spoonfuls on their website, facebook, and youtube.

Lastly, I must say that divine intervention connected me with Agatha at the very beginning of my pregnancy. At that time, I was in deeeeeeep thought about how I would create a healthy lifestyle for my son, upon his birth. Agatha & Yummy Spoonfuls has been an incredible resource of knowledge on infant nutrition, and a wonderful source of phenomenal mommy-preneurial inspiration.

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