Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HYCIDE Magazine Launch Party

HYCIDE Magazine Launch Party: June 3rd, 2011 from AllEyesOnWho.com on Vimeo.

Aljira, Center for Contemporary Art
Friday night I attended the launch of HYCIDE Magazine at Aljira, The Center for Contemporary Art, which is one of my favorite art galleries in Newark, NJ. It was transformed into a spectacular scene of Who's Who on the art scene of downtown Nwk in an intimate setting punctuated by the intense photography of Akintola Hanif. Everyone there loves and respects the work of this brilliant photojournalist/filmmaker-turned-magazine-editor & chief and the energy of support was palpable. The event was deliciously catered by the good people at HLS. The cherry on top of the perfect evening full of beautiful people, live painting by artist Baja Ukweli, and positive vibes was the poetry/scat session from my hero, the legendary poet/playwright/activist Amiri Baraka who is a lifetime resident of Newark.

HYCIDE is an online photography magazine dedicated to subculture, art and conflict and a limited quantity of print copies were available at the event. The purpose of HYCIDE is to "create understanding" and provide reflections of the segment of our population that is considered to "subversive" and have been "marginalized". His specialty, as a photographer and film maker, has been the bold images of the those who society has left behind.

The name of the magazine is based on a slang term, which originally meant "to rob,'' but was re-imagined by Hanif, who combined the meanings of the Hebrew prefix "hy'' and the Latin suffix "cide."
"HYCIDE /high-side/ Origin: Hy, derived from Hebrew "Hyram" for "noble" or "exalted.'' --Cide, from Latin "cida,'' for "killer or killing.'' 1: Noble Kiling
2: The act of killing or negating elitist ideals to create empathy, understanding for the disenfranchised or dispossessed. (nj.com)
Tamara Fleming of Femwork PR firm & me
Akintola autographing copies of HYCIDE
Beautiful people

Beautiful person, Samala R. Kelly

Always fly curator Shantrelle P. Lewis has her copy
Executive Director of The Newark Arts Council: Linwood J. Oglesby
Photographer Dawan Wryet Alford & Amiri Baraka

Get yours:
Order a limited edition print copy: here
Read HYCIDE online: www.hycide.com
Learn more about Akintola Hanif here