Friday, June 10, 2011

How to Get a Custom-Made Leather Bag

Fringe hobo

As much as I enjoy the process of designing a collection of coordinating accessories, my favorite thing to do an a designer is to work directly with a client to construct custom pieces. SUCH JOY! Each custom bag feels like giving birth...well kinda :). It is just a very special process to make something that a client will cherish because she/he is assisting in the design process, choosing the leather, hardware, colors, and deciding on size/compartments etc. And when its done and they are blissful, I am a proud mama! :)

So here are the steps to getting a custom made leather bag from me.
1. Contact me! Via email jypsealeathergoods AT gmail DOT com.
2. Shoot me a pic of a bag that inspires you and tell me how you want yours to be the same and in which ways it should be different than the inspiration photo/sketch.
3. Together we'll determine the color, dimensions, hardware. I will then on a my search to find what you desire. If I have a leather coat/garment in the leather color/texture you want, I can make it from a recycled skin which is better for the environment and will lower your costs. If not, I will contact my leather suppliers and shoot you photos of what I've found for you to choose from.

New skin used to create the bag above
80s style soft leather coat used to construct the bag below

4. I give you the price quote. You pay your 50% deposit. I order the leather/hardware/etc. Your bag will be completed in 10 business days.
5. Taking the dimensions you requested, I construct the pattern pieces for the bag. Front, back, side panels, pockets, straps, etc are all separate pattern pieces that must fit together like a puzzle. Luckily, I'm a certified patternmaker so its a challenging process that I enjoy the most.

6. Cutting and sewing of all pieces and the application of all hardware is done, as well as, the pressing of lining fabrics. I'm all about funky printed colorful lining fabrics! But I can do subtle colors inside, if the client prefers.
7. Bag is done after I've snipped all the strings and whatnot. Take pics and send to client for approval.
8. Remaining balance is paid and bag is gift boxed and sent to its awesome owner to love and to cherish forever more. :)
Large bucket bag upcycled from the jacket above
 Various Jypsea custom or one-of-a-kind bags:
Bags made from new skins

Hobo bag upcycled from a patchwork suede skirt

Upcylced from a suede skirt

Start your custom bag order: via email jypsealeathergoods AT gmail DOT com
Visit to view more of my work.

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