Friday, June 10, 2011

Dumbelle: Couture Paper Dolls, Coloring Books, Postcards & Art

The day I had the trunkshow in Dumbo BK, a few doors down was the grand opening for the CHICEST innovative concept I've seen in ages!
My daughter just kept riding heer Razor scooter back there for red velvet cupcakes and to play in the fantasyland. It's just beautiful! Full of the artwork of the super sweet owner/artist/entrepreneur Elaine Pedler.
The concept really resonates with me because my first memories as a "fashion designer" are as a 3-4 yr old and it continued into my early elementary school years, with my mom making paper dolls. And now, my mom and daughter do it. So a business built around super adorable and FIERCE paperdolls that she calls "The Belles" just makes my heart sing. <3
But Elaine doesn't stop there. There are shadow boxes, greeting cards, and all other kinds of related yumminess! Jordan, my daughter, got a pack with May, the afro-puff Belle below. She has a street outfit, bathing suit, lounge clothes and rain gear to color and wear. FUN!

Meet the Belles:

The Dumbelle Pop Up Shop is only until Sept 1st! Get there:
145 Front St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
718 938-5704

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