Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beauty is Strength! Nzingah Designs

Imagine my surprise to open my mail and find these beautiful earrings and a hand-crafted greeting card from fellow artist/designer and sister-friend Nzingah. I barely remember her asking me for my address so the gift really caught me off guard. And the fact that she's just sharing her fly kindess and love just for the sake of doing just SO DOPE!
This is the kind of artist/brand you want to get behind and support. Someone who embodies love and kindness and spreads it with no expectations.
Her tagline is "Where strength is beauty and beauty is strength." Nzingah, a Florida native residing in NY, is the breathing manifestation of beauty and strength as an Activist, Painter, Writer, Musician, Dancer, Jeweler, Designer, Teaching Artist and so much more!

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