Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Everyday" Fragrance for Women

Playwright, director, producer, Editor-In-Chief, on-air radio personality and Internet radio station owner are just some of the titles associated with Jermaine Jay "Everyday" Smith. Recently, this emerging mogul originally from Brooklyn, NY has added perfumer to his accomplishments.
So happy I was yesterday to find my sample of the fragrance in the day's mail. Packaged in an adorable pink mini spray bottle with a key ring to keep it readily available throughout the day, this guy seems to know exactly what we women like.
But how does it smell, Meca, you ask? If you enjoy smelling like you're sweet enough to eat, this is the fragrance for you.
And the girly girl bottle will enliven any surface in your boudoir.
The ads are all phenomenal, as you can see.
But don't take my word for it, get yours today!

$44.99 (1-25ML Bottle)

(Eau de Parfum)
"Everyday" for Women is a light woodsy feminine floral fragrance that shares a special Rose note with a distinctive Amber and other blended notes to set the sensual moment.
Look, Feel and Smell Great "Everyday"

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