Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Style Social in Philadephia

Annually in Philadelphia, the Style Social brings international fashion to buyers, press and consumers in a local market to present collections that might not otherwise be seen.   
Each Style Social also draws fashion, art and design talent from the community to offer local artist and designers an opportunity to present their work alongside international fashion designers.  This year's Style Social and Launch Party, happened on Wed, Faeb 12, 2014 and featured Macy's Fashion Incubator as wwell as fashion designers from Italy, Hungary, Colombia and Franc. It occurred to celebrate the success of the Incubator designers as they launch their collections in the international fashion market.
In a unique setting combining art, fashion, design, with an emphasis on sustainability, the event was hosted by The Transfer Station, an ambitious entrepreneurial project imagined to revitalize the Manayunk neighborhood, with local businesses and restaurants supporting the event with their signature offerings.
The Style Social and Launch Party was a collaboration between Macy’s Fashion Incubator, which is a one-year intensive designers-in-residence business training and ongoing mentorship for selected Philadelphian fashion designers to provide all of the resources they need to launch or grow their companies in the city of Philadelphia; and international showrooms Bel Espirit and Showroom International.  These two Philadelphia-based showrooms carry international ethical fashion designers and well as highlight and support each brand’s ethical principles and global ethical initiatives such as Andes Made, a line of premium alpaca scarves, socks and accessories for me and women .
Andes Made

The event was a combination of a runway fashion show with a complementary display of fine art, accessories, home décor and furniture; much of which was available for sale through the Transfer Station. As an innovation resource center for entrepreneurs located on Main Street in Manayunk, the Transfer Station provides a retail market space, co-working spaces, artist studios, creative labs and tailor-fit solutions to work, create, sell and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Some of the works of the fashion designers were proudly displayed on the handcrafted furniture from one of the area's finest emerging makers: Don Yacovell. 

"...(my) designs are simple. They are meant to highlight the natural look of the wood, not fancy moldings. I mostly work with local domestic hardwoods such as cherry ,black walnut or maple.I look for wood with "character" cracks ,knots ,holes, and color variation. I like to highlight any marks left behind by the original craftsman when I work with salvaged lumber. Seeing the history in an old piece of lumber just enhances this style of furniture."
Don Yacovella has work for sale at The Transfer Station in Manayunk.
Learn more about Don Yacavella here.

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