Monday, March 2, 2015

Art Star: International Model and Fine Artist, Alek McLean

1. Please introduce yourself.  My name is Patasha 'Alek' McLean and I'm an international model and award winning visual artist.

2. What do you create? Art. That's the best and simplest way to describe what I do. Let's say ... if you can visualize it, I can make it a reality.

3. How did you get started on your create path? I started as a young child; at the age of two. My family thought my behavior was not one that was "normal" when art was involved so they signed me up for everything artistic you could think of; even performing arts. 

4. What inspires you to create? I'm inspired daily, whether by experiences or others' stories, nature, random thoughts etc. I always feel the need to create something bigger than my previous creation so I always try to outdo myself.

5. How have you been able to make a living by being your creative, authentic self? I'd say this to the modern man, don't ever think that settling is an option. Find your target markets and aim your business towards them. If you feel stifled creatively then do personal projects that will allow you to create outside of the box by also market yourself to gain more clients.

6. What new projects are your working on? I am currently working on my 's.e.l.f by self' art exhibition in Miami. S.E.L.F means Someone Everyone Loves Forgetting. This exhibition is about the individual and how they may get caught up in other people not take the time to care about themselves. I took the role of being the main subject, dissected my feelings about how I view myself and the things I may have forgotten about me and just expressed that on wood, using paint, ink and lacquer.

7. How can people find and support your work?

Instagram: @alekmclean

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