Thursday, August 12, 2010

Global Baby!

I'm a new mom, of a four month old son, Asa who is simply delightful! I love the little guy more than words, and in my Cancerian way, I've vowed as his mom, to nurture, and surround him with great opportunities to develop into a well rounded individual, with exceptional character. I want him to believe in himself, be strong, confident & fearless in his life's pursuit to be happy & fulfilled. I want him to love learning, and understand, respect and appreciate global culture & customs. I also want him to speak many languages, which is why I speak to him in (broken) Spanish everyday - Hey, its a start, lol! While browsing the net for baby songs, I discovered these amazing vintage videos of the late, great Cuban azucar queen, Celia Cruz performing on Sesame Street! I simply adore these videos, and I really hope Asa will too!

UPDATE: Asa LOVES them - He watched all three attentively!! Yaye! <3

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